Friday, February 4, 2011


The thing I hate the most is that these wrestler boys can lose so much weight in a week and I can’t even lose a pound in a week no matter how hard I try. The NC State Wrestling team is on strict diets during the whole wrestling season and they work out 24/7, but during the summer they eat whatever they want to, do whatever they want to, and gain as much weight as they want. Brett Farina, "(Baby six pack)" a junior on the NC State Wrestling team, originally weighs 163 pounds. During wrestling season Baby Six Pack has to cut weight to 149. Pedram Rahmatabadi, a junior on the NC State Wrestling team, originally weighed 148 and during season he has to cut weight to 125. Michael Moreno, a senior on the NC State Wrestling team originally weighs 151 and during season he has to cut weight to 125. Moreno is the one on the team that cuts the most weight. “People are amazed when I tell them how much weight I cut,” said Moreno. “They ask me all the time how do I do it. The worst things about cutting this much weight is that it hurts and it seems like it last forever.”
Baby Six Pack, Rahmatabadi, Moreno, and Scott Norris, who is no longer on the team, all lived together last school year. I was at their house all the time during wrestling season. All of them except Rahmatabadi were cutting weight like crazy. All of the boys were having their mood swings, having their temper tantrums like little girls, and acting like every little thing hurt them. It was very annoying to me, but I had to realize that these boys can’t even eat or drink anything. These boys are starving to death! “There aren’t any benefits to cutting weight,” said Baby Six Pack. “It causes the body to shut down and you feel grumpy all day. The lack of water causes your brain to function slower than normal and a dizzy feeling.” Baby six pack, Moreno, and Norris use to always get into arguments with Rahmatabadi because he wasn’t going through what they were going through and he could eat whatever he wanted to right in front of them. “I spent alot of time by myself," said Rahmatabadi. “I know what it’s like to go through the cutting weight process, but we fought a lot. In the end I know what cutting weight can do to someone so there’s a basic understanding.”

If the wrestlers do not make weight by the time to weigh in for their wrestling match, their coaches will definitely be very upset with them. Rahmatabadi says, “You can lose some of your scholarship if you don’t make weight. Baby Six Pack says, “Making weight is like the Cardinal Rule of wrestling if you fail to make weight you feel like you let the team down and the coaches will remind you that you let the team down.” I have always thought that football was one of the hardest sports to train for, but after being around the NC State wrestling team, I have to say wrestling is definitely the hardest sport to train for. During the season the wrestlers have to watch what they eat and drink. If they eat a little piece of bread, they have to go work it off. You can tell in their face that they are depressed, stress, and sad. Wrestling season last, from November to March and after that they will be back to their normal selves until wrestling season comes around again.

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