Friday, March 4, 2011

Almost Coming to an End

Wrestling season is coming to an end for the NC State wrestlers. I know they are happy and ready to relax, but before they relax they have to focus on one more match and that is the ACC tournament. The boys are in Charlottesville, Virginia right now preparing for the tournament that will happen tomorrow, March 5th, at the University of Virginia’s gym. If the boys place in the ACC tournament for their weight class they will move on to nationals where they will meet the big dogs!! One ACC and nationals is over with these boys will be able to relax, eat, party, and do whatever will make them happy.

“My plans for after wrestling season is to focus on school, enjoy life, get a job, spend more time with friends and family, party, and study abroad in France this summer,” said Pedram Rahmatabadi. “And for next season I plan to stay in shape.”

“My plans after wrestling season is to compete on the freestyle circuit and continue to throughout the summer,” said Darrius Little. “Also I plan to get in a little chill and party time. For next season I'm going to wrestle over the summer to improve my technique and train my mind.”

“My plans after wrestling season are to raise my grades, relax, and enjoy the time off,” said Colin Genthert. “I'm also going to wrestle in the summer and work on technique during that time.”

“My plans after wrestling season are to relax, focusing on school, and getting an internship,” said Brett Farina. “I plan to work on my technique throughout the offseason.”

When I asked these boys what they planned on doing after wrestling season was over with, I thought they weren’t going to say anything that had to do with wrestling. But all of them said they were going to work on their wrestling skills. These boys are dedicated to this sport and want to win!  The Pack will go into hibernation for a little while after season, but they will be coming out to play and ready to go hard again November 2011!

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